Using Google Calendar for Project Management

ClipPod lets you convert your Google Calendar into a free and easy to use project management tool!

1 - Share your Calendar with your team

Start by having everyone in your team share their calendar with the rest of the team. Google has a simple how-to guide to get this done.

2 - Assign tasks to others by adding it to their calendar

Add a new task to the calendar

Once you see everyone's calendar on the left hand side menu, choose a person to assign a new task and add it to their calendar.

3 - Collaborate on tasks using ClipPod

Collaborate on tasks using ClipPod

Now since that task is visible to everyone in your team, everything you add to the task's pod is also shared across everyone.

4 - Get notified about new activity

Get notified about new activity

Enable notifications and get notified whenever there's any new activity on any of your pod's. Be proactive and stay on top of every new activity in all your projects.

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