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Google Sign-in related

Is anyone viewing my calendars?

No. No human ever sees your calendar entries. Our support team might look at it only if you contact us with a problem that you are facing with our service, and give us explicit written permission to access your calendars to fix the problem.

Do you store my calendar entries on your servers?

No. No calendar data is ever saved on ClipPod's servers. We only store the unique "event ID" given to us by Google's API so that we can identify which event you are collaborating on.

Can I revoke access to my Google account?

Yes. If you would like to block ClipPod from accessing your Google Calendar, goto your Account Permissions page on Google, select ClipPod from the list of apps and click on the "Revoke Access" button next to it.

Does ClipPod store my Google password?

No. ClipPod neither requires nor stores your password. During login, you provide your password to Google, and we use OAuth to interact with Google's API's. ClipPod will never ask for, or store your Google password.

ClipPod related

What is ClipPod?

ClipPod adds a collaborative "pod" to each of your Google Calendar events. The pod adds realtime collaboration in the form of comments/chat, file attachments etc. Click here to see how ClipPod can be useful for you.

How do I access ClipPod from my mobile device?

ClipPod is currently available only on your laptop/desktop browser. We are working on a mobile version that will be released soon.

What happens if my friends don't have ClipPod?

Everyone in your shared event or calendar needs to have the ClipPod widget installed for them to see your shared notes and attachments. You will see a prompt to invite them to ClipPod after clicking the "View Pod" button on any event.

Will ClipPod work for events created before I installed ClipPod?

Yes, ClipPod works for all events in your calendar, even those created before you installed ClipPod.

How do I start using ClipPod?

See our Getting started with ClipPod guide for step by step instructions on how to start using ClipPod. If you get stuck somewhere, you can always contact us for help.

How much do you charge for the service?

ClipPod is currently in beta and absolutely free of cost. There might be some paid plans in future, but ClipPod will continue to be free for all users who signed up during the beta.

Account related

How do I cancel my account?

You can close your account with ClipPod by just sending us an email on We will permanently delete all your ClipPod data (including your Google authentication keys) and close your account within 1 working day. Data backups would automatically get deleted after 7 days.


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