See what you can do with Google Calendar + ClipPod

Add notes to your Calendar entries

Annotate your Google Calendar entries with notes and reminders that you can refer to later. The notes can even be shared with everyone who is on that calendar event with you.

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Add notes to your Calendar entries

Plan your meetings better

Create meeting agendas right inside Google Calendar and share them beforehand with everyone who's attending the meeting. Keep previous agendas ready for reference - No need to dig through email.

Need to reschedule a meeting? Chat right inside Google Calendar and work out a time that suits everyone.

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Plan meetings better with Google Calendar and ClipPod

Project Management, with notifications

Assign work on shared calendars to the right team member. Attach files and screenshots and discuss ideas, bugs and issues with your team using realtime chat.

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Use Google Calendar for Project Management with ClipPod

Make Editorial Calendars collaborative

Discuss editorial calendars with your writers and your team in realtime. Attach and upload status of current work, discuss ideas and much more.

Make editorial Calendars collaborative with ClipPod

And yes, ClipPod is 100% free.

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